Lin Gwee is a 21 year old (going on 22, but she refuses to admit it till October) female hailing from the sunny island city of Singapore, with dreams of traveling and settling on a distant land. Will graduate with a BSc in Business from the University of London in 2014. Ambitions too big to be contained; and can be often found flirting with the thought of leaving everything behind to start something anew, somewhere. Passionate about all things creative. She sometimes writes. Guilty of binge shopping, marathoning TV shows till 4am, and sleeping whenever the thought strikes. She writes about style, films and can also be found on medium. A slightly addicted social media user, and is almost constantly on facebook, instagram & twitter. Also available on linkedin.

Available for freelance writing, contributions, and collaborations regarding fashion, motion (film and television), lifestyle, op-ed and culture pieces.  

Contact her at about anything at all, if it interests you